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Professor: Andrea Herstowski
Office: 353 Chalmers Hall
Office hours: by appointment

email: herstow@ku.edu

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James Edmondson
Frank Grießhammer
Nina Stössinger
Indra Kupferschmid
Francis Chouquet
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The Letter Model

Louise Fili.com/variablefont
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Vatican Library
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Sketching Techniques
Drawing Vectors






Promotional Experience
Meet with me at least once a week on the promotional piece. You pick Monday or Wed and be consistent so you keep moving/ progressing on it.

In addition to your own font you will be working with 1 other classmate (groups of 2) to create a promotional experience featuring at least 5 examples (and only 2 of the examples can be from your group). Everything is for you to use is on the Google drive. When you think you want to use a classmates work you need to ask them for permission. If you want to change anything about their work you need to tell them why. You can't just hack someones work without letting them know.

Pick your person and think about which one of these promotional experiences you want to do...

Look though the links on the left. And find examples of what you think is cool. You can't steal but

5 different students work ie it can’t be just be the work from the 2 of you in a group you need to look through all your classmates files and decide what you want to showcase and how. once you pick your person and have thought about what you want to do we will meet about the details.

Website to promote and sell
choose 5 fonts to showcase, to use as a template to build out the rest of the site. Includes name of the “shop”. Do we just sell fonts or do we sell prints etc... need define it and name it.

Newspaper Club edition or 12  x 18/ Jayhawk ink edition (pad binding).
Design, manage and collect an 4 or 8 or 12 page edition from each exercise nclopdh, ampersand, roman capitals, figures, revival. Must use at least 5 different students work ie it can’t be just yours )

Newspaper Club edition or 12  x 18 Jayhawk ink edition (pad binding).
choose 5 fonts to showcase, give template to classmates so everyone can make a page or / spread )

Letterpress/Riso/Router Specimen sheet
choose at least 5 exercise finals to showcase as a zine or letterpressed specimen sheet, give template to classmates,, laser cut or router out at least 3 characters.

Letterpress/Riso/Router Specimen sheets (choose 5 fonts to showcase as a zine or letterpressed specimen sheet, give template to classmates to build out their own specimen sheet, spread or zine.

Ampersand: develop an online and printed promotion for the Ampersand Font. And develop an onscreen presentation for tips and how to for the next Ampersand workshop.

A professional presentation, and physical comps of the solutions are due 

Wednesday December 18 at 11:30.

This is worth 20% of your grade.