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Professor: Andrea Herstowski
Office: 353 Chalmers Hall
Office hours: by appointment

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Glyphs Tuorial steps
Font Editing Software: Create : Produce : Release
Glyphs is a (software) tool for creating opent type fonts. It is primarily a tool for designing and producing newfonts. Its main principle is that you can edit glyphs in a word context. All tools are optimized for a type design workflow as natural, quick, and intuitive as possible. There are other font editing programs such as font lab and robo font. We are going to use Glyphs it is an industry sandard, it is intutitive and it has many online resources for you when you (we) get stuck.

Glyphs offers a 30 day trial. Do not download it yet. Please use the school machines. If may of you want to puchase it there is a student discount just ask.

DOWNLOAD: the Glyphs Handbook

InClass Tutorial (practice)
Starting with the h: www.youtube.com
Watch: https://glyphsapp.com/get-started
Read: glyphsapp.com/tutorials/drawing-good-paths

Arrow Tool
Pen Tool
Rectangular Tool
Hit the Space bar to preview
Nudge by 1 unit, Nudge by 10 units, Nudge by 50
Alignment tool
Make the stroke 100 wide (use info box)
Look for the diamonds Baseline and Cap Height
With the Type Tool selected, type in the letter you are working on. Now you can work on it and preview
Make a cap H
Copy Paste (be careful)
Nudge by 1 unit, Nudge by 10 units, Nudge by 50
Rotate to create crossbar
Side bearings, metrics, add spacing


Make a cap A
Join it all practice
Open Corners and
Reconnect Nodes
Cut/delete part of a stroke.

Let's make some serifs just to practice the tools.

Extreme Points. Curved paths in Glyphs should have a point at their most extreme in relation to the horizontal and vertical.

Ellipse Tool
Draw an O.
Fit Curve Tool: all points, selected points
Outer paths need to run counterclockwise and inner paths need to run clockwise.
Paths and choose Correct Path Direction

Delete points
Opening up paths (option delete)
Creating Guides (moving, rotating, global)
Copy and paste into the background. Shift between background = Command B

Font Info

Pen tool, click and drag to create curve points.
Go to the Paths menu. And choose Add Extremes.
Alignment tool.

Drag and Drop image
Get it to size
Watch: bezier-curve-quick-tips-two-methods-for-smooth-curves/
Lock it. Draw the lowercase n
Draw the stem first.
Draw the serif (make it symetrical: maybe copy paste flip.
Make a component of the serif. Start to understand when component would come in handy. Why useful.
Make the arch form the stem should match
Use the stem to create the l, stem of the p, d, h...
Draw the c use it as a starting point for the d, p, o

digitize and refine your letters nclopdh if you want to make more letters to make some words GREAT but you don't have to the only requirement is to draw the nclopdh as best as you can.

Refining Letters
re-read: bezier-curve-quick-tips-two-methods-for-smooth-curves/
Nodes/Anchors = on curve points
Handles = off curve points

Get your points/nodes/anchors at the extreme point (extrema)
Use as few Anchors as possible remember the circle could just have 4 points.
Round Anchor vs Square Shaped Anchor (most cases use the round one)
Anchor in relation to handles - nudge anchor with option key
Handles in relation to handles - should not overlap
Keep Handles vertical and horizontal (maybe 45* but not random angles)
Use Open Corner and Reconnect Nodes to keep drawings easy to manipulate. A,n, d...

Side Bearings (letter spacing)
Try 40 on the left of the n
Try 35 on the right side of the n

Save and save often :)

Generate font for it to be a font to install.

Put your Glyphs file and generated font into your folder on the class google drive.