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Professor: Andrea Herstowski
Office: 353 Chalmers Hall
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Cartoon or Gameshow
Creating a personality to match the brand


How can you create a typeface to support and existing "brand"
Using the mood, tone, feeling of a cartoon or gameshow create a bestoke typeface for the brand. The typeface will be used to promote the gameshow or cartoon. Think about maybe promotions on TV or next up... Think more about the feeling, but you an use elements from the "show" to inspire your letters.

Identify the gameshow or cartoon. Collect images for inspiration. Create a word list of mood, tone, tone feelings. Include thinking about does it feel sharp, round, angled, exaggerated, tall, short, organic, constructed, mechanical, goofy, whimsical, scientific, ghostly, powerful, timid, lively, amusing, boisterous, confident...

What would they use to promote it? You are tasked with designing at least 8 letters (that make words) that have the mood, tone, feeling of the cartoon or gameshow.

At least 8 letters of your choosing, but need to create words to show off the letters.
Can be all caps, all lowercase, unicase...
Can be sans serif or serif...
PDF Presentation includes: words, letters, 3 characteristics/design attributes about the letters, mood/tone, process include all process...

Construct your letters as perfectly as you can. Pay attention to proportion: it can be exaggerated but you have to have have reasons or at least be aware of your letter proportion. Consistent thicks and thins. Set your overshoot, anchors are round where they need to be, handles are horizontal or vertical (there are exceptions but try then decide that they can't be) use fit curve to correct handles, ..

Due Monday, Sept 30: Name of gameshow/cartoon. Research. Identify words and letters you want to design. Choose 2 -3 letters for each of the 20 - 30 sketches. Sketch 20 - 30 different ways to approach the name of the cartoon /gameshow -- think font not hand-lettering. Think about all the ways you have sketched so far this semester and try each of those ways. You are trying to capture the mood tone feeling of the game show or cartoon. You are creating an original typeface they would use when promoting. We have tried constructed letters now you are creating letters to match a mood/tone/feeling.

Due Wednesday, Oct 2. Refined letters (do this before you move to glyphs or take the time in glyphs to refine and make variations) and using your system expand so you have 8 or more letters. Remember some letters are easy to add to create words such as an h, n, i, l... Draw them in glyphs so we can crit on Wednesday. Print the letters out as large as you can.

Due Monday Oct 7: PDF presentation. Upload everything to the class google drive. Have a folder for your
Process/Sketches, Glyphs, PDF Presentation and please include the Project Overview.

** For Monday you also need your favorite piece of Architecture. At least 2 views of it. Large photo. Have a back up if you decide if you don't like it. Print the photo. Bring tracing paper.