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Professor: Andrea Herstowski
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The Revival Type (in progress)
Typeface revival: the art of taking a classic and modernizing it for the digital era. Similar to the remastering of movie classics, where light, color, sound and lost scenes are digitally restored, classic typefaces are often remastered for the purpose of making them more relevant for today. (HOW Mag)

The Past is the Present with Paul Barnes (Type@Cooper lecture: watch)
For over a decade Commercial Type have been designing and releasing contemporary typefaces; from modern classics like Graphik, Druk, Publico, and Guardian through to more experimental faces like Orientation and Styrene. Some of them like Lyon and Portrait have been informed and inspired by the past, but not dominated by it. At the same time, they have been searching through the vast archive that is St Bride Library, looking for hidden gems; designs long forgotten and no longer available. Rather than being modern interpretations where the designer leaves an obvious mark, they are careful reconstructions, made not for yesterday, but for today’s users. They take the old forms, and expand them in new directions, whilst retaining the charm and beauty of the originals. https://commercialclassics.com/

Please click on and read
Read: monotype-restored-the-font-walbaum-a-200-year-old-serif-typeface/
Read: smashingmagazine.com/2012/08/legitima-experience-fossils-revivals/
Read: comparison-of-the-next-generation-helvetica-bbc91a28940a
Read: studiotype.com/originals/kingfisher
Read: https://studiotype.com/originals/hawkland
Read :the-development-of-orwellian-d90948e43876

Revival Type by Paul Shaw: Intro | selection

Additional Readings


Brok Galllery poster, 1919 (left) designed by Chris Lubeau
Brok typeface, 1995 (right) designed by Elizabeth Holzman


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Check out in-class http://members-only-beta-v0042.lettarc.org/extensions/LFA_beta/search.html

William Page
Morgan Willcox
American Foundries
Hamilton Wood Type | 1 | 2 | 3 |
Austin Foundry
Palmer and Rey
Holly Wood
Tubs Wood Type
Caslon Wood Type
Stephenson Blake
Specimen Pool
Franklin Type
Barnhart Bros

Typography Guru: https://typography.guru/forums/topic/44-type-specimens-online/

David Shields (long great list!)
Henry Caslon: http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-54976.html
A Short History of the Italian: woodtyperesearch.com/short-history-of-the-italian/
Spencer Research Library... Speciman books google doc

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Click on the readings at the top of the page. Read and look at the images :) Start identifying copyright free images that have type you want to revive. Look through the links above. Capture (collect) 3 options for what you want to revive. Make sure if you take photo you know where it came from. You can make a close revial or you can use what you found for a jumping off point for your own forms.

Prepare a presentaion your research on the Rivival including any thoughts, facts, summary from the readings. Revival options... What is it -- show us an image? Where is it from? Why does it interest you? What do you want to do is it a classic revival or are you using it as inspiration for an orignial font. Have at least 2 - 3 options.

Revival specs: letters need to be well designed with an attention to proportion and consitency. You wll be responsible for sketching, refining and putting into glyphs the letters handglovesmurf or HANDGLOVESMURF lowercase or uppercase + numbers and ? ! @ &

Date: And discuss Revival Ideas (have more than one idea), Present your research on the Rivival including any thoughts, facts, summary from the readhings. About your Revial... What is it -- show us an image? Where is it from? Why does it interest you? What do you want to do is it a classic revival or are you using it as inspiration for an orignial font?

Date: Have the Revivial direction chosen

Date: Figures are DUE. Start sketching the Revival pick any 5 letters to sketch just know eventually you have to figure out handglovesmurf or HANDGLOVESMRF

Date: Present and crit: handglovesmurf or HANDGLOVESMRF (have it in Glyphs and printed out)


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Revivals Due
Upload everything to the class google drive. Have a folder for your Process/Sketches, Glyphs, PDF Presentation (initial presentation and final presenation) and please include the Project Overview.