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"A portfolio is a design problem."



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Getting Started {images
You can now upload an unlimited number of files to your portfolio!

The only restriction is that each file cannot be larger than 200K. All files are organized into 'Sets' now. You can group your projects by project name, by project type or any other way you want. We've built an easy drag-and-drop interface to allow you to organize your sets and files quickly.

The maximum file size for any file is 200K. If your file is larger than this the upload process will fail and you will see an error message.

The maximum dimensions for any single file are 700PX wide by 1000PX tall. If your file is larger than this our software will scale it to size. For this reason we strongly recommend that you edit your work down to this size yourself before uploading.

When you upload an image a thumbnail is automatically created. You can replace this thumbnail at any time with one that you make from the file details page. We recommend that our members make their own thumbnails as they can do a better job than our system software. MAKE YOUR OWN TO THE CORRECT SIZE: The thumbnail dimensions are 124PX wide by 83PX high, with a maximum file size of 30K. If your thumbnail is not exactly 124X83 our system will crop or scale it to fit. You can regenerate the system thumbnail at any time.

You can organize your files within a set by dragging them around and placing them in a different order. The file in slot number one will be used to identify the set.

You can upload the following file types: .JPG, .GIF, .SWF, .MOV. However, all files must conform to the maximum size and dimension constraints listed above. For .SWF and .MOV files a default system thumbnail will be used. You can replace this with a thumbnail of your choice as noted above.

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