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"A portfolio is a design problem."



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Writing your resume

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:- Top 10 Coverletter Tips
:- Coverletters made simple
:- 6 ways to bomb an interview
:- 3 steps to a successful interview
:- What motivates you
:- Why do you want to work here
:- Interview Pointers
:- Six Answers
:- Avoid non-verbal mistakes



What you need...

the following is an outline of what materials you will need to design/prepare to complete the contents for the portfolio class. I will give you some milestones and set up crit times but all this is up to you to get done. For your final grade you will need to give me a complete set printed out as well as pdfs.
| tips from professionals |

Binder with all your notes, feedback, etc
– process

Learning Map
– details to come

Business System
business card
cover letters
thank you

Project Prep
– refine projects that need it
– new project: posters, brand id, stationary, collateral (whatever you identified)
– photograph projects

Portfolio Materials
promotional: send ahead, leave behind, follow-up
– samples sheet for senior show {3 -5 projects on one sheet
– pdf of printed portfolio {interview ready
– pdf of entire portfolio (10MB and Screen Friendly)
– pdf of 3 – 4 projects to attach to an email {include resume in pdf: excerpt)

Annual Compendium
– pdf: intro page and 4 - 6 spreads translated (excerpt) from your portfolio to blurb 13 x 11. (more info to come)

Online Presence: you must have some sort of online "professional" presence. Keep it simple. Take advantage of your AIGA membership and put your portfolio up there.
Behance (REQUIRED)
_ Cargo Collective or other (REQUIRED if you do the pro version of Behance you do not need cargo)