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:- 3 steps to a successful interview
:- What motivates you
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A designer can tell a lot from your resume. It is probably the first time they hear of you and therefore an introduction to you as a person and as a professional designer. It’s your one-page portfolio. It’s the virtual you.The resume itself is definitely information which should demand my undivided attention. It needs to be designed. Your choice of typefaces and typography, the layout and the organization of information, the paper stock, etc., all contribute to the way I perceive you as a potential designer working for us. It also shows me what you can do on a single piece of paper. But high wire acts are dangerous, so keep it simple and readable. (Even David Carson's business card is ultimately readable.) No elaborate personal logos, please, especially if you're just out of school. It's a bit pretentious.

Your resume needs to motivate someone to want to ask for your portfolio. Your education and work experiences are very important, but ultimately it's the live you, your work and presentation, which makes one want to hire you. | full article |

:: T I P S::
Use formatting to help you out. Capitalize and use boldface, italics or underlining to help organize the information. :: Proofread. Use spellcheck, doublecheck your contact information and make sure your formatting is consistent. Ask a friend or family member to proofread it as well. Check for errors that spellcheck programs miss (i.e. there vs. their; to, too or two). :: Do some research on papers, find one that feels good in the hand, not too thin and wimpy. Do not use a "cool" paper if the printing looks terrible. AT ALL costs do not print on parchment paper, it will not make the impression you are hoping it will. If you know how to letterpress use it. Paper sources: mr french paper | paper source | kate's paperie |


your name
cell number
email address (do not use your ku email address)
web address

:: T I P S::
address: use an address that is good for another year otherwise leave it off
or use your parents. phone number: same as address don't use a number that is not going to be good for a year. do not use () or - they are old school use spaces or periods
email address try and get your name@gmail or hotmail or... no addresses

spell out everything do no use abbreviations for street, ave, date spell month or use numerals; the exception to the rule is Apt. you do not need to spell out apartment.


The University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas
BFA Design, then you major Visual Communication Design, Illustration & Anmiation, Industrial Design, or Photography
Expected Graduation May 20xx

Certficates (Service Learning, ENTR)
Study Abroad,
Workshops/ Short courses
Include GPA if it is 3.5 or higher

:: T I P S::
Do not list where you went to High School.
Study Abroad and Workshops: list date/or duration, where, and a short description


List for RECENT to PAST
Where you Date/Duration, Name of Company, City, (no street address or contact information _
Short description of responsibilities

:: T I P S::
All jobs good to show a balance include any freelance jobs and internships
Describe responsibilities but do not describe jobs such as server, lifeguard they are obvious. See handout packet for good examples of job descriptions. Provide meaningful descriptions of your experiences. When detailing your job history, use short sentences or fragments to demonstrate your relevant experience. Use strong action words. For example: "developed and implemented a new filing system"; "created two new membership programs."

Name platform if you are familiar with both mac and windows
Adobe Creative Suite, (any others), Microsoft Office, Include things like Letterpress, Serigraphy, (any printmaking class ), Book Binding... photography... Foreign Language

:: T I P S::
Be honest about the programs. You can say proficient in... limited experience in...
Don't forget word, power point... List programs and SPELL them correctly.
Adobe InDesign...

AWARDS (awards, scholarships, marks of achievement)

Date, Visual Communication Juried Show (number of pieces or name the projects)
Date, Visual Communication Award
Date, AIGA Award
Date, Dean's list
Date, Any other awards, 3x3, dallas, ad club, omni's, freshman scholarship

:: T I P S::
If you have a written project's objectives / concept statement in your portfolio or any of your promotional pieces INCLUDE if the project receive an award, and name the award.


Member of a Student Group
Member of a National Organization?
Any Club or Organization, date
Any activity, have a date associated with it if possible
Community Service, location, date
Center for Service Learning, project, date
Conferences Attended, date, location

:: T I P S::
Very important if you held a position include it.

REFERENCES (Can be your instructors, professionals, activity advisor...)
References are on thier own sheet not listed on the resume. Do not give out until someone asks for it -- but they will so be prepared. Make sure you ask the person before you add them to your references and ask them the best way someone should get in contact with them. Sometimes its email others cell number.

Company, Title
Mailing Address
Phone Number

:: T I P S::

Proofread. Use spellcheck, doublecheck your contact information and make sure your formatting is consistent. Ask a friend or family member to proofread it as well. Check for errors that spellcheck programs miss (i.e. there vs. their; to, too or two)