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Professor: Andrea Herstowski
Office: 353 Chalmers Hall
Office hours: by appointment

email: herstow@ku.edu







Final Font (in progress)


11/4: Revivals Due: Direction for Final font. Final Deliverables will be outlined by Nov 4
11/6: Font Sketches + Promotional Experience ideas

*Meet with me at least once a week on the promotional piece. You pick Monday or Wed and be consistent so you keep moving/ progressing on it.

*Final font put a short presentation on what you are wokiing on, on 11/20 these can be added /swaped out in your promotion piece. Put the presenation and your glyphs file and font file on the google drive as process. (include any research or source material that went into this font)

* Bonus start thinking about how you will put any or all of this work into your portfolio

11/11: Sketches HANDGLOVES or handgloves
11/13: Get sketches into Glyphs : be aware of consistency in stroke width, consistent thick and thins and start word spacing. Type in words as you correct the letters it will help.

(review: Dimensions, Fit Curve, Global Spacing. Word Space)

11/18: All Caps or all lowecase in Glyphs.
Use this proof to test your font. Bring prints to class for a crit. All Cap Proof | All Lowecase Proof

11/20: Short presentation to class on where you are with your letters. Make a pdf presentation. Put everything on the google drive (pdf presentation, glyphs file and font file).
Present to class your promotion -- a printed comp to the class
Sketch and get into glyphs the other case of HANDGLOVESMURF or handglovesmurf

11/25: numbers + other letters + punctuation “ ” ‘ ’. : ; ! ? @ & * { } ( )
*Use this proof to test your font. Bring prints to class for a crit.
All Cap Proof | All Lowecase Proof | All Proof | Super proof just for your library

11/27: no class Thanksgiving

12/2: punctuation into glyphs + all the letters into glyphs.
Use a proof to test your font (use a proof or create your own). Bring prints to class for a crit.

12/4: lecture on accent marks/diacritics. 4 diacritics (accent marks ü, é, ñ...)
Make one in class, practice adding them kern them.
Refine characters.

12/9: lecture on Kerning pairs. Refine characters.
Present promotional material for more feedback from the group.
Use a proof doc to print.

1) open Kerning under Window

2) Using the T tool type in a 2 letters you want to kern ie. Your
* make a full word so you are seeing the full picture not just the 2 letters remmeber you are always looking at words not just characters.

3) Put your curser between the letters you want to kern. ie Yo. Unlock the Kern Group and type in Y.

4) in the Kerning Window change the +0 to a negative number. Find the right amount.

5) in the Glyphs window type in another letter you want to kern with Y for example e as in Yellow.
In the kerning window you should see an e. Kern it.

*you don't have to make all the paris. I do expect you to make at least 5 so you can remember the process. we learn by doing in this class :)

12/11: Refine.

12/13 Stop Day

* I will be around all week if you need to chat get feedback get help on production ...

Final: Wednesday December 18 at 11:30

(will outline everything that is due)

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The second part of the semester is working on the creation of your own font. Uppercase, Lowercase, Figures, Ligatures, “ ” ‘ ’. : ; ! ? @ & * { } ( ) and at least 4 diacritics (accent marks ü, é, ñ...). You may use any of the letters you have started during the semester or use any of the process you explored this semester to create original letters.

You may create other weights or explore variable fonts.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Promotional Experience
In addition
to your own font you will be working with 1 other classmate (groups of 2) to create a promotional experience featuring at least 5 examples (and only 2 of the examples can be from your group). Everything is for you to use is on the Google drive. When you think you want to use a classmates work you need to ask them for permission. If you want to change anything about their work you need to tell them why. You can't just hack someones work without letting them know.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wednesday December 18 at 11:30

Pleaase put everything for the final in one folder on the class google drive.

1) put all your project overviews together and add to it if now that we ended the semeester should an exercise or timeline be altered? should the order we did things change? should something be taken out.

2) for your final font make sure you have a final presentation, pdf of a proof, font file, glyphs file

3) protional experience print out one copy for the department that you won't get back.There will be a list with your name on it in the print lab with a $20 print credit to help with printing the copy you are giving to the department. if you use french paper it is .50 a sheet.

4) put a PACAKGED file of your protional experience on the google drive (packaged has the fonts, images, pdf, and indesign file

Portfolio it isn't required that you put this into your portfolio but if you are thinking about it please take a stab at how it would look online and how you could present it in a pdf in an interview. Send me what you are thinking for feedback now, over winterbreak or next semester there isn't a time limit.