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Typography 1


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The people listed below are well known designers, architects, industrial designers or innovators pick one that is interesting to you. You will need to use multiple resources when you are researching them, including at least 1 book with their work in it. You may need to share resources with your peers.

Tadao Ando
Yves Béhar
Marcel Breuer
Santiago Calatrava
Alexander Calder
Le Corbusier
Ray and Charles Eames
Alexander Girard
Zaha Hadid
Steven Holl
Hella Jongerius
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Henry Moore
Marc Newsom
George Nelson
Verner Panton
Renny Ramakers
Dieter Rams
Karim Rashid
Ettore Sottsass
Philippe Starck

EXHIBITiON POSTER: 18 x 24 inches
(must be vertical not a horizontal poster)
_ key image
_ title
_ subtitle
_ May 15 – July 16
_ 50 – 100 words
_ Bloch Building, 4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

(choose an image on the server)
_ key image
_ title
_ subtitle
_ May 15 – July 16
_ Bloch Building

(must fit in an A7 envelope 5.25 x 7.25in)
_ key image
_ title
_ subtitle

You are cordially invited to a private reception in celebration of the opening of the exhibition _____ (Name of the exhibition)
Thursday, May 5
7 to 10 pm
Bloch Building
4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64111
(50 words about the exhibition)

chose an image on-line and Photoshop your design onto the wall
_ key image (optional)
_ title
_ subtitle
_ 500 words

Armin Hofmann
Studio Dunbar
Paula Scher
Joesf Miller-Brockman
Herbert Matter.
Philippe Apeloig
Anthon Beeke
Leonardo Sonnoli
Werner Jeker
Gerwin Schmidt








Building a kinetic system of exhibition materials

Design the brand and associated materials for an exhibition about a famous person from the Design Canon (Canon = a sanctioned or accepted group or body of related works “the canon of great literature”) A strong identity toolkit ensures that the marketing materials and the physical design of the exhibit space are consistent with one another. Marketing materials include exterior banners, invitations, store products, catalog, press releases, web and print advertisements, and posters. The branding then creeps into the actual overall feel of the exhibit space through introductory titles, labels designs, wall colors, typography, and language.

Since we are in Typographic Systems consider the typographic hierarchy of the information presented. A viewer should be able to easily understand the what the exhibition is about. The material/identity must convey the excitement of contemporary design to an audience of designers and students.

The solutions should be an organic/kinetic series, not a cookie cutter series. The audience shouldn’t be able resist your promotional piece, want to find out more and want to go to the exhibit.

You will be designing a series of promotional pieces featuring a designer. The deliverables will be printed and posted on


Exhibition Poster (18 x 24 inches)
City Banners or Billboard (promotional pieces, choose from the images on the server)
Invitation to the opening of the exhibition, you determine how it folds must fit into an A7 Envelope
Exhibition Wall (what people will see when the enter the exhibition) (examples)

Firebelly, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, Walls

examples of posters pdf


Hand in Magazine project. Intro to Project 2: Exhibition

Read and Blog a summary: abbott-miller-branding-has-become-oppressive

Research (the list is long you have a lot to do, so follow the directions carefully.
The person you choose (from the list on the left) will be who you are featuring in the exhibition. You need to research the people before you pick one.

Write a couple paragraphs about the person you have chosen. what are they known for, what was their philosophy, did they have a style or belong to a movement in design, did they use a particular color palette..?

Choose an "object" by your person carefully.
Find at least 15 - 20 images of the persons work. Be make an educated selection you need to get to know their work. Then choose 1 - 3 objects that you think is interesting. You will be exploring using the object cropped, at a large scale, repeated, detailed in combination with type, shapes, symbols other objects.

Text: the written word
You will also need to find at least 1000 words about your person. It can be a series of articles/interview. You do not need to write the text but you do need to have it to complete this project.

What you need printed out for class
_ Sketch template (download pdf and print it b/w there are 6 pages in the document)

_ To Suggest list
When looking at the persons work what do you think the exhibition materials should suggest? organic, geometric, structured, constructed, contemporary, future, retro, east, west, …

_ Color palette
what colors support or contrast the persons work create 3 different color palettes (5 colors in each palette). Print out your color palettes they can all be on one page

_ Exhibition title
The title of your exhibition: come up with a title for your exhibition:
ex: The Making of…
ex: Inside Out
ex: Sitting on the Edge
ex: or the person’s name

_ Type studies
Exhibition title + the person’s name explore 15 typefaces combination. Set the title in at least 10 fonts. After you look at the 15 choose 3 to work with in the first round.

Using the 3 fonts you have selected print our the title and the name least 15 times in total {you should have a mix of all caps, all lowercase, bold, reg and italic}. Print the titles out a 2-3 inches tall, 1 inch tall and .25 inches tall. you need the title in different sizes and styles (total 15)

_ Visuals
photos, icons, illustrations, of work done by your person. You have found 1 – 3 images that you think are “key”. Any on-line images have to be high res, no exceptions so you will need to find printed materials of the person’s work that you can scan in. The key image(s) will be on the poster, banner/billboard and invitation.

Print out the images in a few different sizes. Have at least 15 copies total. (it can be of the same image or a couple different images but you need 15 copies of that image(s) in different sizes at least 5 inches tall. B/W is fine.

bring to class…
_ sketch template (6 pages)
_ exhibition titles: different sizes to work with need at least 15 copies of the title
_ exhibition images: different sizes to work with need at least 15 copies of the image or images
_ bring transparent tape
_ black paper
_ different colors of colored paper...
_ something to cut on and something to cut with.
You are going to be exploring is a kinetic system.


Hallmark Recruiters will be here at 5pm in the Forum (pizza)
Prepping for Dallas 6:30pm and Resume workshop at 7:30pm both in 315

Working in class on "sketches you need everything listed above

55 sketches using your the template. you need to include the title, subtitle and image. by hand if you want to make 5 on the computer you can but you need 25 total (25 by cut and paste or 10 on the computer + 15 cut and paste)

__ crit explorations
__Mind Mapping:
spend at least 15 minutes on mind mapping what you love (or other love) + type. Started in class keep working on it
__ exploring the invitation must fit into an A7 envelope
__ Work on the blog, work on your text...

On the computer explore 3 different kinetic systems. For each system design in 4 different formats: portrait, landscape, tall and thin and long and thin. Include on each the an image(s), title, subtitle and date on each sketch.

Explore different whitepace, scale, color, pattern, white space, contrast, cropping, shapes, line art, full color, one color images (colorize)...

THIS IS THE EXPLORATION stage so explore, let go of any pre-conceived ideas and explore -- QUICKLY. Quick sketches, no refined designs.

Each of the 3 systems needs the 4 different formats. Print out in color for Tuesday.

Blog: lets look at some famous poster designers. Look them up. Write a summary (bio, why they are on the list) and include at least 3 posters for each person, 5 people total. Armin Hofmann, Studio Dunbar, Paula Scher, Joesf Miller-Brockman, Herbert Matter. (others you my find interesting Philippe Apeloig, Anthon Beeke, Leonardo Sonnoli, SkolosWedell, Werner Jeker, Gerwin Schmidt

Invitation Formats: Explore different folding options for your invitation. Has to fit into an A7 envelope but what is it. Try 3 different formats. Bring your formats to class on Tuesday

Research formats for the Museum Wall, City Banners or Billboard (you are looking for the images you want to use)


Crit the 3 different systems. Choosing the best one. Make surey ou understand what is due and work on your written content in-class.

I need to see progress on each of these on THURDAY. We will work in the lab. You can't blow it off.
You need to show me something on Thursday that I can give you feedback on.

Write the text: 50-100 words for the poster, 50 words for the invitation, 500 words for the wall.

Explore 2 - 3 options for your poster. Print poster full size (tiled, trimmed and taped together for class on Thursday. Follow the directions make sure you have all the content on the poster.

Explore 2 - 3 options for the city banner/billboard Banner/Billboard you can just print on 8.5 x 11 paper. Remember you are building a kinetic identity. Everything should feel like it goes together but it should not look like twins. Follow the directions make sure you have all the content on the banner/billboard.

Explore 2 - 3 options for the wall. How do you introduce someone to the exhibition. If they are walking through a museum with lots of different exhibitions what do you do to get them to stop and look? Try at least 2 - 3 different options for the wall. Print each out on 8.5x11 in color. Make sure you have all the content on the wall. Follow the directions.

Explore 2 -3 options for the invitation. print and fold it. Follow the directions and have all the content on the invitation


Working in class on all of the above. YOU MUST have something things on the list above done for class so I can give you feedback. Maybe at least 1 option for each section or 3 posters or ... real text. real images...

See above list.


on what is listed as homework on March 1. Make sure you have everything. Make sure you print everything. Make sure you have all the correct text on everything!

ONE-ON-ONE crit: you should have another refined version of all the pieces. Printed out. You should have some alternative designs / options they can be on the computer. We should be able to see the poster and invitation at full-size.

Homework over Spring Break: Finalize and produce project 2. Project 3: type workbook concepts. Project 4 selecting 3 audio choices more directions will be given in class. Before you leave make sure you have all the Greatest Speeches and the Workbook Examples.

Project Due: Thursday March 10
__ Exhibition Poster 18x 24 printed out full size and trimmed
__ Deliverable poster 18 x 24 printed out and trimmed: poster, banner/billboard, wall and invitation on one poster.
*plotter paper is 42 inches wide so you can fit both posters side by side
__ Invitation in physical from with an envelope
__ Behance Post project to Behance with a projec description
__ Process: Clip al your process together or put it in a large envelope.

Also due Tuesday is
__ 3 concepts visual directions for the workbook. not just words but what it looks like.
__ 2 -3 options for which speech you want to use for the last project has to be from the Greatst Speeches OR (no songs, no raps, no nope nope nope)