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VISC 302


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Professor: Andrea Herstowski
353 Chalmers Hall
Office hours: by appointment











A designer can tell a lot from your resumé. It is probably the first time they hear of you and therefore an introduction to you as a person and as a professional designer. It’s your one-page portfolio. It’s the virtual you. The resume itself is definitely information which should demand my undivided attention. It needs to be designed. Your choice of typefaces and typography, the layout and the organization of information, the paper stock, etc., all contribute to the way I perceive you as a potential designer working for us. It also shows me what you can do on a single piece of paper. But high wire acts are dangerous, so keep it simple and readable. (Even David Carson's business card is ultimately readable.) No elaborate personal logos, please, especially if you're just out of school. It's a bit pretentious.

Your resumé needs to motivate someone to want to ask for your portfolio. Your education and work experiences are very important, but ultimately it's the live you, your work and presentation, which makes one want to hire you. | full article

:: Solution ::
Typographic. Clear Hierarchy. Use formatting to help you out. Capitalize and use boldface, italics or underlining to help organize the information.

*if I see anything that looks like any of these I will fail you for the project and you may not pass the class -- do not google resume design. do not go to pintest. find your own way.

Monday, March 1
Meet in the Large Lecture TODAY!
Small class - I am around if you want to check in about your workbook. Small classes are optional today.

Resume: Lecture | loosely look over indeed
Coverletter: Lecture | avoid form letters

Cover letter
Lecture write 3 coverletters to 3 different people
-- drafts could be internship could be design crush Claire's tips
Please write them all in one google doc and post them to the class class google drive

Start Google Sheet or Excel doc with Names of people, firms, contact info, etc, Example
(you are not handing this in unless you want me to look at it -- just want you to get started)

Resume Content: use Lecture as a template and type up all of your content for your resume.
Set up an letter size, portriat, single page, 6 column grid with a 4pt baseline grid. Please do it.

Your Name Type Study: What typeface are you? (do this again if you are not sure)
Try your name in at least 25 different ways (fonts, styles, case all caps, all lower, title...)
I know may have done this with Alex so you can pull that file up and try again.

Hierarchy Study ..... (use this text for your 12 font/hierarchy studies. Start this in class so you know what you are doing. Label the fonts you are using.
Do not use Aral, Geneva, Georgia, Times, Myriad, ....)

KU Marketing Communication, Lawrence KS
May 2019 – present
Student Designer
Work with the marking team on the design and production of print and digital content for perspective students of the University of Kansas.

Print out type studies so we can talk about them in person. If you are not meeting in person post on slack.

*Keep listening to

Wednesday, March 3
_ present and review
_ in person section meet in person (or *)
_ hybrid section meet in person (or *)
_ online class meet as we normallly do

*no lecture today the time will be used to meet with students in the in-person or hybrid sections that do not want to meet in person to meet online (hopefully that make sense)

- - - - - -
Re-edit and finish 3 coverletters/design crush email.
(wait until you get feedback from me)

é Exploration 15 (resume examples : do not go to online sources)
Hopefully you can choose your type styles: how to create the 3-5 levels of hierarchy from your studies that were due today. They were supposed to help you. Create 15 different layouts for your resumes. Think how can you organize it into 1 column, 2, or 3 columns. You can use the same fonts or you can try a couple different ones. Try studies with your monongram, try it without... you do not have to use it -- but you should try a few with it even if you think you won't.

Put a pdf of all your 15 explorations on Slack.

In addition if you are in-person or hybrid: Print out all 15 you can print them b/w.
Please print your favorite / most successful 3 in color.

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Monday, March 8

_ present and review
_ in person section meet in person (or *)
_ hybrid section meet in person (or *)
_ online class meet as we normallly do

_ Lecture class will cover homework and catch the people that didn't meet in person.

- - - - - -
refine and finish 1 resumé.
re-edit and finish 3 coverletters/design crush email. put one on your letterhead.
Hand in your resume on the class google drive

Wednesday, March 10

Meet in the lecture time only / no small classes today

3:30pm via Zoom
I will go over the Conference Project so you can think about it all next week.

Hand in your resume as a pdf / coverletters on the class google drive

Next week we won't meet on Monday or Wed as a class .
But if you want to meet with me I am around.
We can talk about your workbook if you want to get it wrapped up with more feedback/put it on behance.

- - - - - -
None besides listening to ted talks and thinking about what you are interested in.

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See Conference for March 22...